15 May, 2007

22 hours later

And I'm home sweet home.
Driving alone across the country is NOT fun.
Especially when you can't see out your rearview mirror because your car is so filled with your life for the past year or more, and the blankets, books, files, and george foreman's are infringing on your personal space!

Things I did in the car to not fall asleep:
1. Listened to musicals, because normal cd's were too "predictable", even on shuffle- since I knew every song and zoned out when it came on. For some reason, even though I knew every word to Joseph, Chorus Line, Fame, Chicago, Guys and Dolls- it kept me more active to listen to an hour's worth of a story rather than song after song. Except on the Eminem CD. That was amusing and I hadn't listened to it for at least 2 years (a last-minute find in the glove compartment of the car).
2. Gatorade, M&Ms, Spicy Doritos, and an occasional Nutri-Grain bar. This was NOT a leisure trip people. I had a day and a half to drive 1500 miles. Only gas and bathroom breaks allowed--every 5.5 hours when the gas got low.
3. Going through words to operas I've sung in my head (this is when I was REALLY tired and hoping I wouldn't drive off of the road!)
4. Calling people! (Until the first night my cellphone died in the car, and when I couldn't talk legally on the phone in New York State because it's not hands-free).

I'm here, I have one day to rest, get my competition dress drycleaned and get me to nyc.

And then more flights, and then more flights, and then here again, and then mother-land for a huge relaxing month of nothing but the beach, family, and friends.

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Gregory said...

Does it make me a bad homosexual to think that Eminem is kind of sexy in a trashy way?