01 May, 2007

at the theater

Yeeaaaahhh! The internet connection works at the theater. So I've been here since 2:30.
I sang my aria at 3:45. I sang the finale at 4:15. Then I did nothing (ate dinner, got a chocolate covered rice crispy treat) and now it's 7:30. The show started at 7. I'm sitting here and waiting for my hair/makeup call which is in 15 minutes, even though I don't even come close to entering the stage until...oh...9:15 or so. And that's not including the break I'm sure we'll take around 9.

In the meantime I've been listening to 2 recent recordings nonstop trying to figure out which is better, and if either one is worthy of being sent somewhere.

Recording A is in too live of a room. Live enough that it may be a distraction. But the aria is better sung (I think) with a longer line and a bit more thought.
Recording B is in a totally dead room. And the piano is still a bit loud, but not overpresent. It's accurate, on pitch, but I was doing a few artistic diminuendoes and hairpins that MAY translate into someone hearing it and thinking that I ran out of breath at the end of the line or I"m being too precious with it.

Pitch wise they are both "kinda" fine. I mean---nothing glaringly wrong, just things that could have been tweaked were this a professional recording (you know it's done, so whatevs), and things that go by quickly that had I been singing this aria for the past 5 years like most of my other pieces, wouldn't be issues. But I basically re-learned it just to record it for one purpose.

I'm not sure frankly if either one is usable. The more I listen the more I pick out things that could be better (the 100th time I sing it)...rather than the 6th time.

On the German front I'm attempting to translate (pathetically, a bit) my resume into German for the summer.
I don't feel like I have to list the titles in German- ie, Nozze is still Nozze not Die Hochzeit..since they'll know it by the Italian title hopefully. But things like "Director, Production, Coach", etc-- and my kind of bio-- should really attempt to be in German before I send any emails and people presume I'm too lazy or something else to have my materials in German.

That's it for now. Too many things going on to concentrate--itunes in my ears, the system broadcasting Act I, and people wandering around.

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