18 May, 2007

eggs in a basket

Today is a really good reminder of what the rest of the audition season is like.
Sing well at a competition. And I mean really well. Hear comments as I'm walking out like ...wow, etc. true French leggiero soprano, etc. bla bla bla high note..etc..
And then no callback call to the competition. Well, tonight that is. I would HOPE that they don't call me tomorrow and tell me.
So it's not like I'm waiting by the phone all night to see if they'll call, it's not like I haven't checked nfcs and seen that no one from today has received a yes/no call yet, it's not like I'm not getting on with my evening/night, having dinner with a friend, catching up on old times, and enjoying myself, but there is that little cringe of "what the F, people"-- you know I sang well and kicked the aria's butt, and you don't call? YOUR bad! hahahahahah!

So it's fine. Onward to the next competition time slot- tomorrow in the early am, meaning I'm waking up at 7:30. Yuck.

You can never put all of your eggs in one basket with these competitions. Who are the adjudicators anyway? Old peeps who have an idea of what beautiful music is, or are reminded of their favorite boyhood aria, una furtiva lagrima, and the other famous Italian hits.
That's ok. I'm just here to make my money back--and so far I've only spent about 100 on dinners, drinks and a lunch, and some fresh pineapple.

So maybe tomorrow will bring new trade winds of luck/competition winnings my way.

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