05 May, 2007

still packing and almost furniture-less

Yes, tomorrow at 10am is the moment I must waive goodbye to the most comfortable bed I ever had, Ikea Malm full-sized AWESOME innerspring mattress in light birch.
I'll be sleeping on a sleeping bag and comforter for a week, or maybe the couch cushions if that's too uncomfortable...or a borrowed airmattress-but I find those to be more uncomfortable than the floor!

I have managed to pack about everything except papers and shoes.

Now that I have 4 new pairs of cute cute cute flats, I have to decide which ones (all?!!) I can take abroad, plus any other shoes (sandals, heels to see the OPERAS in, you know...).

I WANT to take: 4 pairs of flats in different colors, 2 pairs of heels (1 blk, 1 brwn), a cute pair of brown dressy shoes, and 2 pairs of sandals. But really--that would require a small suitcase on its own.

My ONE suitcase that I'm allotting myself to check is almost filled with clothes, and I still have to figure out what else to put in it (like shoes), the necessary makeup/toiletries that I refuse to buy in foreign lands, SCORES to learn, and then all of the wires that go with my stuff...
oh, wait, I think I wrote about ALMOST the exact same thing 2 posts down..gee, can you tell what's on my mind?

-Still haven't heard from person I emailed 3 days ago. Umm, really? Ok, you get till the middle of next week, then you are on my uncool list.
-Still haven't heard from big-competition-that-other-people-already-heard-no's-from.
-Still haven't heard from mother-land-opera audition, but they DID tell me they are setting something up for me in an email..so I guess I have heard.

In translating my materials and cover letter news, there is none. I have made extremely little progress, and I'm still getting mixed information about what and how to send things.
Snail Mail and then follow up with email?
One page resume?
Resume/BioANDpicture on the same page?
Do or don't send attachments by email?

I mean, seriously--I just want to send emails. It's the easiest and cheapest and hopefully it'll be professional and correct enough to get some responses about singing for houses and agents while I'm there.

In other crazy-schedule news it's not like I'm hoping NOT to get to the finals or semi-finals of two major European competitions, but they DO take place during the first and second week of my supposed studies in Germany. What to do?
Well, hope that I place, of course! And if I have to miss a week of class, I'll just have to hope that they don't want to kick me out and it's ok.

In OTHER most upcoming crazy-schedule news, I got my times for 2 nyc competitions in May, and thankfully, one is on Thursday, the other Friday, and the finals for both (If I make it) are also a day apart.

That means once I leave and drive across country I'll have 3 days to get there, get unpacked, turn around and get to NYC with dresses and heels and ready to "compete" and then the whirlwind really begins!

For now, trying to clear what's left of my mattress off so that it can be picked up tomorrow morning.

Bye bye things!

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