09 May, 2007

important audition

I had an important audition today for the head of a program that I would love love love to be in, in a city that I would love love love to live in, that is doing rep in 08-09 that I would love love love to cover.

I was also singing an aria for the head of this program, that was from a role that she made famous during her career as a singer.
I started with it on purpose and because it really IS my favorite thing to sing.

It's long, AND she asked me to start from the 2nd section (not the usual 3rd section), which was GREAT! I got to sing some line and then all of the fireworks.


So. That went well. And our AD commented that it was the best he's ever seen me act. And how much I've grown from the beginning of the year. It was a nuanced performance that was really great.

Then they asked for Durch Z, (another German!) which I would have agreed that they would pick not only because of the upcoming rep but also because it's short, and other than Oscar, nothing else was short on my list.

Durch is HARD after Aria number one. I sang it WELL except for ONE note. the LOW E. I mean, really people, I've just sung notes two octaves above that low E. And to hold it and make it pretty was really a challenge. So it was "pitchy" I get that. But maybe I still pulled the rest of it off enough to impress and maybe maybe maybe get into a program that I think I'll love love love :)


Gregory said...

On of these days, I will hear your Zerbie (all three sections, I hope!) and then the heavens will open, and I will say, "This! This, children is what I lived my whole life for!"

In the meantime, I hope it works out for you and you get to sing everywhere you want.

me said...

awwww....you so sweeet ;) tang U.