15 May, 2007

surprises and almost home

Packed up, moved out, movin' on---with one pit stop at last-year-yap to say hello first, and then unloading my life from my car for the past year tomorrow, turning around and continuing right on with competitions, auditions, and my career for the next year.

This past week I had one bad thing happen, and then waited for the next 2--as bad things come in 3. First one personal, second two other life and music-related...not really "bad" just seem to be not the news or the "no news" rather than good news that I wanted.
Then I had one good thing happen, had a 2nd great thing happen, and today a third amaaaazing thing happened.
First two in my personal relationship, last one musical ===and regarding singing a role that I need and want to add to my repertoire in one of the coolest places I could think of ...
:) no more for now. Not until there is an official thing with my signature on it.

So what does that go to show? Well, first off who cares if bad or good things happen in one twos or threes...it's part of life, get over it, give it the time it needs for you to deal with it and move on to the next thing.

I'm approaching this week with an open mind, a clear head and throat (barring any allergies or post-season "time to get sick because I'm winding down" illness), and much anticipation of the great things to come.

And that feels so much better than feeling concerned and stressed about now, next year, or anything else.

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