03 May, 2007

noon in bed

We've been getting home close to midnight for the past 3 days, with two runs of the show--meaning I'm at the theater for about 12 hours each day. Of course when I get home even though I'm exhausted, I'm also hungry. So I guess eating the 2nd half of that cheeseburger from my 5pm dinner didn't really help me with nodding off to sleep so easily. I've been up untnil 3am or 4am the past two nights, and thankfully only having to get out of bed around 11 or 12.
But STILL I'm waking up at ungodly hours like 8am and 9am, looking over at the clock, and then rolling over in dismay that something (like the SUN) woke me up.

The show is going well, but these sets and costumes are really old and you can definitely tell. This is not opulent, extravagant, or even dare I say--pretty... It's just a little drab. And we have to make up for it by being extra good and exciting on stage I think.

Next topic. Future things.

I did something a little "ballsy" again in terms of singer practices of making contacts.
Ok, so previous-coach-at-curret-program who has offered to forward my materials to certain-person-at-red-state-opera-co, has done so. And I know this person at the opera company probably gets materials like this all the time. It's solicited, but still a bit random. So what are the odds they'll get around to looking at my mats? Well, who knows. But I still took the Initiative (ballsy initiative) and wrote this person an email encompassing all of the possible questions that I have regarding their company and their season, in a VERY well put together way.

I asked if I could audition live.
I asked if they hire out covers for their season (since they're doing a HECK of a season for coloratura ish type voice hext year)
I asked if they hire covers FROM the young artist program (and also said I'm very interested in that and I've never sung for it,but hope to have the opportunity to do so in the future)
and I asked if I could have feedback about my recording.

All very proper, not too forward, and not too apologetic.

Hey. Who ELSE is going to do this for me if I dont?
If this person chooses to write me back with some comments- great.
If this person chooses to write me back and say no, I can't give you any responses, and I also haven't listened to your materials--at least I asked.
If this person DOESN"T write back at all- I'll hope that I had the right email for them, but also be kind of annoyed because, people, we ALL check our email. EVERY day. Don't play. and Don't Hate. Just write back.

We know that you know that we know you check your email.

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Kkaran said...

Hey...i'm from new delhi and just chanced upon thy blog. It is really amazing, esp. the language. You write well!