07 May, 2007

the first g'bye

This afternoon (well, morning for me), I had lunch with one of my current-state friends. We met at my first donor-benefit concert for current-opera-company, and then she invited me to the high holidays with her family (9 month old son, husband, and his parents). We have kept in touch, she's come to see two of my performances, and now that the season is almost over it was time to meet again for a goodbye.
She brought her beautiful son with her, and we talked about kids, marriage, career, travels, future...a very nice conversation with a very real and down to earth person who believes things happen for a reason and that you can find your own happiness if you want to.

It left me feeling uplifted, excited for my future whatever it may hold, and also always wanting to remember that in this world of crazy singer's lives, what feels like constant drama with singing, divas, authority figures, scandals, rumors, and everything else catty about this business, in this world....you can still find happiness, peace, joy in yourself and your craft, and share things with new and other people that will excite and enliven your mind and spirit.

What's in store for the rest of the day?
Packing (for real), photocopying music to take with me for the summer, and general tying of of loose ends around here.
Maybe even clearing out the winshield washing fluid, character shoes, blankets, and old programs from the summer out of my trunk and starting to fill it with all of my packed things!!!

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