18 May, 2007

295th post

I know, it's not as important as 300, but it seems that I'll be away from my computer for the next few days--more competitions, more flights to the middle of nowhere via the middle of nowhere but a little bit south and west of there, and then leaving on a real big jet plain.
The trade winds did not change today. I sang like a champ, but alas, no finals for the competitions. Oh well. I have two more chances in the next week.
Today for the first time in almost 9 months I actually felt sick in my throat towards the end of the day. It was SICK out in NYC today. I mean, really. Freezing. Cold. Windy, Rainy. And did I mention freezing-and the only jacket I had was my thin black hoodie (well, that's not true. I bought a cute white rain jacket yesterday but for fashion's sake...it wouldn't go with my cute shoes this morning...so I didn't wear it...big mistake).

6 hours of wandering around the lower east side, union sq., the village, and hitting Magnolia bakery, I was NOT feeling swell.
I actually raided a RiteAide for their chloraseptic losenges, pectin drops, and theraflu (that stuff makes me so crazy tired though). I feel MUCH better now, and weirdly enough even though it feels like there is shrapnel of glass shards IN my lower throat, my singing voice and speaking voice feel fine and I CAN sing and speak just fine too.
I'm not stuffy. No other symptoms except weird throat burning upon consuming anything to drink and trying to swallow. Ouch. But it's better after the theraflu, the drops, and the water-downing of earlier this evening (when I was a bit more concerned about it).

So I'm going to SLEEP now. yes, on a friday night. in nyc. when I should be out having fun with friends from last summer, past summers, and current/previous-program.
And I'll sleep for as long as my phone doesn't ring tomorrow.
And then take it easy and get ready for my next trip out of here, early early Sunday morning.

So I don't know where or when the next entry may be. Could be tomorrow when I'm bored and have some magical thoughts on life and career. Could be from a different state next week, or a different country after next Saturday.

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rahree said...

Congrats on the milestone, and on the upcoming journey! I enjoy reading your blog, and know that the universe has good things in store for you!