11 May, 2007

unofficially no?

The rumor mill continues regarding whether any of the resident artists who sang previous-audition will be receiving a letter or phone call informing them that they are in the semi's of the competition to get into the program.
Two singers (mezzo and baritone) have heard from someone in the room that they were really liked and may receive a call.
No other news on any of the rest of us.

I will write head-of-the-program for feedback within the next days..actually, probably tonight-- and also I have been invited to email for further information regarding my audition since it was so repertoire-specific.

Spent most of the day packing more seriously, going to the post office and sending huge boxes of cd's, books and winter jackets (cost me 60 bucks for 3 boxes weighing 80 pounds in total), and really getting everything I own together.

Except scores I may need, and the whole mess of "papers" for all of the upcoming competitions, auditions, German auditions, things in translation...and life.


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