06 May, 2007

it was the day of the show y'all ;)

Ok, so after lolling around on my blankets for much of the rest of the afternoon, I got a second (or first) wind around 7pm, went to Target to buy some show gifts and cards for the principals, and then showed up for my call time at 8:15 after stopping for a quick bite.

The show was great. I mean, can you really go wrong with Mozart? No.
Actually, it's funny, but while I was picking up my sandwich I heard the overture on the radio at exactly the same time when it would have been starting in the house and thought to myself--wow, we're live on some station tonight?! Cool!
But then there was no clapping and it didn't go into "cinque...venti...trenta..." so I realized, alas, it was just a good pre-show vibe and got me in the mood to really be in the show tonight.

I'm back, feeling relaxed and hoping I can get a good night's sleep tonight to do it all again tomorrow!

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