28 May, 2007

hello from the motherland

I've arrived and it's sunny and perfect.
Despite arriving two hours late due to lack of busses to transport people from the gate to the airplane in Frankfurt, I got here, my suitcases got here, and now I get to see my family, see friends, go to the beach, learn some music and some Geramn, and basically enjoy myself for the next month (with an audition or two thrown in the mix if possible).

First one is in two days and I'm feeling "post-airplane"-esque, meaning I need to down water, not talk that much, and maybe not break into the awesome-ness that IS hummus in this country...YET....and try and be good to my throat for two more days before splurging on my native land's finest gastronomic delights.

I don't have very much access to email (people aren't wi-fi happy here), but surprisingly my PHONE can send text messages! (Wonder how much THAT costs!), and I'll be getting a local cellphone today so that my family can keep tabs on me!

Ciao for now.
Going to sit outside in the beautiful weather.

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