27 June, 2008

tech week

Welcome to tech week.

Things to attempt this time:
Bring fruits instead of bars as snacks.
Bring music instead of my laptop backstage.

Everyone around me has iphones and cool games on them, or is texting every second.
I want one toooo!


Anonymous said...

I love that snack food during a run is a priority for someone else, too. I like dried fruit and nuts!

me said...

hahaha- yes, the snack becomes the priority because all hope of dinner is lost at a 5pm call and an 11pm release from rehearsal :)

btw- Learn AMOR! It's awesome!!! I have a funny post about trying to learn it/count it/memorize it for a recital from a year or two back.

Have fun!

Susan said...

Hey even us supers think about what snacks to bring to rehearsal! And of course I ALWAYS bring my iPhone with its trendy pink silicon cover that I got on ebay for .03 and free shipping. ;)

I bring it everywhere, even here: http://luindriel.blogspot.com/2008/04/does-anyone-here-know-how-to-use-iphone.html