16 June, 2008

day 3 musical sing-through

This morning at 10am we sang through the entire show.
That meant waking up at 8, warming up in the shower, and then realizing--hey, I don't sing for almost an hour into the show--why warm up when I'll just be NOT warm when I actually have to sing anyway?
And anyway I wasn't feeling so hot (insert that joyful Gap commercial with SJParker theme- tune "I enjoy being a girl" here), but it went well.
I got laughs on the Doctor voice (a mix of every ethnic German/Russian/Ukranian/Jewish you can think of), a nice comment from the conductor on the preparation I had done on the recits, and in general I think it will be a good show.

Rehearsals began, but of course since I don't sing til page a zillion...I won't be called probably for another day.

So instead I wrote THE most kickass ornaments for Clorinda this afternoon.
So the 2 Eflats and the high F at the end will make this piece my own. Plus the singing low Bflats and showing that I have an even range throughout.
Yay for a possible sweeeet starter aria if me-likes it this Fall still.

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Susan said...

That's so cool to me that you can just put your own ornamentation in. I'm enjoying reading your updates. I'm a super in an opera right now and I've been writing about the rehearsals in my blog. I love reading about "the other side." Or am I the one on the other side? Anyway... remember to be nice to the supers... some of us keep opera blogs, lol. ;)