05 June, 2008

nearing the flip

Day two of falling asleep way too late for no reason.
Last night- get in around midnight, wide awake, read the next day's online Times, Law and Order, it's 2am, still not tired, flip through channels, write some ideas down, listen to ipod, still not tired- 3:30. Turn tv back on ---spelling bee is on! THIS is what entrances me at 3:30am---how 13 year olds at their height of awkwardness try to fumble their way through words derived from the original persian to arabic to french.

Oh, and that last post was number 550. Do I get some sort of medal or monument?
Not bad for about 2 years of posting.

Last day in NYC is coming up.
Tomorrow- a visit from a college friend, which means dinner a night on the town, Friday maybe a museum, going to see a show Friday night and then leaving early Saturday to repack my life into 5 weeks and two suitcases (I get a car this time, so I have more leeway with the suitcases and the amount of SHOES).

Feeling generally good about my preparation and where I am. Maybe the last 4 or 5 pages of the Finale could be better..but otherwise I'm pretty much there..I think/hope.
And I still have a week.

Found some new arias that I'm hoping to get the chance to work on and polish this summer in hopes of some new and exciting starters for next year--or at least more things to bring to the table.

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