13 June, 2008


555th post!
Well, it's TAKEN me long enough! sheesh!

I'm heeeeeere! 2 days of packing/hanging out, 1 day of iInsanity (anything technological went wrong), 2 days for travel (4 hours each day), and now I'm all cozy in my little artist bungalow apt. with my very own porch and Brita (what more could a girl need?).

Umm, I of course haven't unpacked, because I had to see if there were any wireless networks around here (YEP!), and haven't eaten (except for a twix bar for breakfast...ooops), and haven't looked at my music since Tuesday.

1. Back AWAY from the computer!
(this being done, everything else will most assuredly be a success):

2. Practice
3. Buy some food- preferably healthy and preferably NOT twix.
4. Unpack the things that could get wrinkled

In no particular order.

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