23 June, 2008

almost run-through

The show is almost completely staged.
This morning we ran through Act I and I think everything on my part is going smoothly. Meaning, I remember where I'm supposed to be and why I'm supposed to be there. Plus, the right words and notes.
We've done less reviewing of Act II and so I find myself flipping through the score making sure that I know what I'm supposed to be doing at each moment.
Of course, I do this 'studying' with my eyes closed, score open in front of me. If I can flip the pages and see the music and where I'm supposed to be on stage, then I know it.
If I can't, they I open my eyes and review.

Looks good so far. I love mozart. So clear and crisp. A reason for everything that is written. He makes it easy to be a performer.

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