15 June, 2008

new arias and day 2

Besides having a headache on one side of my head for about 6 hours today, it was a good day!
Rehearsed the 2nd Act finale...I'm still not in love with my voice throwing for the notary. There are so many ways I can do it so I'm going to play around.
What I'm tempted to do most is belt it an octave lower, but I think the orchestration is just too much there for me to try and be a broadway mezzo.

So I'll stick with the nasal goat-y voice for now and see what else I can come up with.

Worked on Clorinda today.
I REALLY Like and I REALLY want to write some crazy ornaments for the 2nd half (in the style, of course!), but still crazy high and awesome.
It MAY be a piece I'm considering adding.

Sang thru je suis tytania but I'm not in love with it because it's a bit too vapidly repetitive.

And what I LOVE to sing right now is Fee. I learned it last year in a pinch and it got me a gig for '09, but it feels GOOD right now. Never paid much attention to it after that... Doesn't show the required 'high' and 'fast' for me--- but a beautiful piece in itself with enough 'coloratura' section and enough 'legato' singing that I'll consider it as well.


Anonymous said...

Can you believe that some companies are now casting that role with a mezzo!

me said...

Cosi or Cenerentola? I have heard of mezzo despinas (meh- they can have it, if I can have Rosina back!), but hopefully not mezzo clorindas! That would be one too many mezzos in that show :)

Anonymous said...

Mezzo Despinas! I can't imagine why, but the same thing with Zerlinas.