01 June, 2008


Wow, I sure have packed quite a bit of culture into my last couple of weeks in NYC.

But today, I was outside of the city and got to visit the home/grounds of one of my favorite painters, Frederic E. Church, a central figure in the Hudson River School of landscape paintings.
I remember the first time I spotted one of my favorite paintings of his at the MET, and ever since then have always been drawn to the light and dark masterful landscapes.
Well it just so happens, the house that he built in the style of a Middle Eastern Palace is sitting about 40 minutes away from my weekend getaway spot, and so today I visited it and got to see how Mr. Church and his family lived.
Beautiful views of the Hudson, the Taconic, the Catskills, plenty of acreage, and surrounded by quiet and inspiration.
It's no wonder he had time to perfect his skills and have such a beautiful artistic output.

This week- 2 more coachings, a friend coming into town (which means a fun dinner and night out, possibly with a musical involved), and then- au revoir nyc! Off to pack up my life for the next 5 weeks.

Tomorrow- Swan Lake! First time seeing it live!

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