24 June, 2008

staging complete

The whole show is staged as of this evening.
Tomorrow morning we are adding the chorus into all of the scenes. Afternoon is ActII run-through and evening is to tweak finales. Thursday is a full run-through for the designers and then we're officially at the one-week mark until the show opens.

I actually can't really believe this. It has gone by so quickly. Am I really just here for 13 more days?
Is the show REALLY opening in 8 days? Yep.

Things I still want to work on are bigger and more meaningful gestures out front and not sideways, making my reactions snappy but then followed up with something interesting enough to fill the rest of the section.
The difference in walk for the maid, the doctor and the notary. Wielding a cane. Using a pocket watch.
My relationship w/Don A.
The daily excitement I get out of the girls' daily drama.
Feeling like I can teach them something and at the same time seeing them mature in front of me.

It's all in the details.

And of course, singing the right words and notes at the right time.


Anonymous said...

May you be the wittiest and prettiest Despina to grace a stage!


me said...

awww thanks ;)