05 June, 2008


In a totally un-me-or-my-progress-related post, I had the opportunity to sit in on a rehearsal yesterday for a NY-based orchestra that is quickly gaining momentum in the international music scene.
A recent NYTimes article and review, a performance at Avery Fisher, an up and coming young conductor, a cnn interview, press from all over the US calling during the rehearsal (it was at a recording studio and I was behind the glass where all the 'business' was getting done).

The organization is run by a few 30somethings with financial support from a LARGE international bank, one or two super-donors, and supported by many people in the 'biz' (always helpful), but still, it doesn't feel like one of those 'pet projects' for the rich and famous.

They really have a hook, a catch, a reason to make them more special and cool and interesting than other orchestras and other groups. Their repertoire isn't standard, they are taking chances, and those risks are paying off.

It was exciting to be around. To see the day-to-day things that had to get done before the concert--all being done by 2 or 3 people, since they aren't big enough yet to have assistants to delegate the work to.
It was the setup, the union guys, the seating charts, the tickets, the backstage list of names, the press, the emails..everything..from 2 computers and 2 blackberrys and 2 people really driven to make this venture a success--which I'm sure it will be.

In short, the time I spent renewed my excitement for a time in the future when hopefully I'll get to be on the other side of the table.

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