20 June, 2008

day 7 (and still no day off)

Aaaand now I'm swimming in staging.
We did the beginning of Act II today. And our wonderful director let us do a sit down session of recit-speaking. This works SO well and I wish there was time for it in every show that is recit-heavy.
Saying it. Saying it again, Saying it how you would say it, and not sing it. Trying to sing it. Nope, going back to saying it, because you sang too much.
And eventually you reach that speech-like balance that you need to really get across what you're trying to sing...I mean, say.

Anyway, I do a lot of running around and dressing and undressing the girls (just into bloomers, this isn't being staged in Berlin!), between that, having tons of recit that is really important to the story line, followed by an aria--I have to take the night off to just let it all try to absorb into my head.

I vote for an hour or two of law and order, and then closing my eyes to 'think' about what I'm doing on stage. And what I'm saying at the same time. And what I'm thinking. And which girl I have to dress next.

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