07 June, 2008

it's gettin' hot in hrrr

Ok, I bid 'so long, farewell' to nyc this morning, but boy did I ever live up my last night.
A friend of mine from Chicago was in town and we did fun touristy things (Musical Theater included), walked through central park, found a nice Italian restaurant (and more importantly a nice bottle of Cabernet), and then I was roped into making the night even longer after the show--walking back up through midtown, ducking in for 3 martinis, stopping at the famous Halal Stand on 6th and 50something to get some Lamb wrapped in a Pita..and finally calling it a night with Charlotte's wedding episode from SATC on dvd.

However few hours later, we were up, packed, and out the door to our separate destinations and, I suppose, the official beginning of getting ready for my next performance.

Not that I've done anything today except make piles of clothes--
Summer general
Summer to take
Summer maybe to take
(subcategories include: gym/sleep, capris/jeans, t's, 'nice', 'rehearsal', dresses, skirts, and of course---shoes)

Put away winter
Put away fall

And that's about it.

Maybe later tonight I'll be inspired to sing a bit. Right now it's so hot that all I want near my throat is some cold iced tea or lemonade.

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