30 November, 2006

audition and callback

Sang for 'opera-in-the-biggest-red-state-there-is' today in the broadway cattle call style auditions.
It was actually a really good experience. I was singer number 14 of 15 in the "hour" allotted to me (and the other 15 singers), and I sang the 2nd verse of Durch Z and they asked for Noch glaub from the Zerbinetta aria in my "minutes". As soon as I left the room one of them came out and asked the monitor to schedule me for a callback--sweeeet!
So I'm singing for them again on Friday evening. 4:42 to be exact!

There was also another certain someone at the auditions today besides the two from the opera company and it was interesting to finally meet/sing for this person face to face, as I have been following said person's advice and insight for a while now on nfcs. Said person comes from a management/opera company background and always chimes in with very informative if not real world advice about the business- everything from resume formatting to answering why you can't get an unmanaged mainstage audition. Although I did not meet said person, it was nice to put a name and a face to an online identity.

My 2nd audition was a re-sing for 'yap-from-last-year'. I sang Durch Z., and then they talked to me, asked me where else I was auditioning, and what I was doing this year.

Why is it strange to sing for these people who know me, know what I can do, and already let me in once? Precisely because I have NO idea if they'll accept me again. The season is great for covering one very big role, and singing one or two comprimario roles---for my voice type or a soubrettish voice type.
Why is it strange to tell them that I'm waiting for only one other program to notify me? And then when they asked me to let them know if I get a call- does that mean, that if I don't get a call- I'm getting in again?

Well, it was strange. In truth I would LOVE to go back there and do the roles and cover the role that I think I'd do again in my future. But what if I DON"T get those roles? Or, don't even get to go back? I mean, more than a few of us from last year are singing for them again. True, that they do "need" an apprentice of my voice type...but--they could also cast a flexible/moveable soubrette with a great extension or a light soprano of any ilk.

It's late and I'm tired and for some reason even though I do NOTHING in NYC except go from one audition to the next (well, only two a day though!), I am exhausted all the time.
All that walking maybe?


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