18 November, 2006

vocal satisfaction

A. I left my phone charger at my special someone's apartment and had to drive for four hours today with a dead cellphone. He called me (like I would get the message in 4 hours calling from a landline to my voicemail) to let me know that he had it...thanks honey! See ya when my phone works around Thanksgiving :)

B. (and even more egregious) I left my IPOD CHARGER....somewhere....in between the two suitcases, one big black bag (and black hole) and two purses that I decided to pack with me on this 2 month break. My IPOD only lived for 2.2 hours of the drive. Then I had to (gasp) SCAN for stations on the radio! (of course during the section of the Mass Pike that was BEFORE Amherst and was therefore filled with static, country, or talk radio. Too far away from the "big city".

C. The concert tonight really made me smile. They took 6 new Froshies, all great looking YOUNG young'ns, with definite vocal promise. I saw 13 friends of mine who had been in the group throughout my 4 years and also came back for the show.

Contented Sigh, Smile ;)

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