12 November, 2006

Lakme progress

Today I memorized about 20 more pages of Lakme- all of the recit and couplets leading up to the final 3 "dying ariettas" as I call them. This is actually one of the toughest sections I think, so yay me!
I have to chart out my progress instead of just thinking of it in my head, but in short:
Act I- memorized
Act II- aria and post-aria memorized, a few recits and duets left, and making sure I know all of the flowery words in the "dans la foret" arietta.
Act III- those 20 pages memorized (yea!), three recits, half of the duet to go...and all of the last three ariettas memorized (minus the recits in between them).

Is it actually possible that I will be able to have the whole score memorized this week?
That would be really great, since when I get over this cold I'll be calling up my favorite coach, conductor/coach, director/coach, and very first voice teacher to sing through the whole thing!


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