06 November, 2006

N Y C....--just thinkin' about you....

I'm in New York. My flight arrived at Kennedy last night, and I'm tucked away warm and cozy in the UWS at my 2nd cousins 7 times removed (but they have an awesome apt. a few blocks away from Lincoln Center!) place.
I have NOTHING to do today! I have a competition and a YAP in the next two days, but I feel like the pressure is really off this summer season because I do have a place to be next year.

On a TMI note not meant to be read by those of the male species: It's that time, and jeez- I'm in pain today. I don't want to sing at all, and I probably won't, but I hope that warming up tomorrow doesn't prove to be a problem with the high Qs in the arias that I've listed.

Back to information that can be appreciated by all.
I was so peeved yesterday as I went through security because I had just bought a bottled water (still unopened) and my breakfast (half eaten bagel) and I forgot that I couldn't take liquids through with me. Had to throw it out unopened. Bye Bye $1.25 plus tax.
And that quart-sized clear baggy? Does everyone need to see what kind of moisturizer I use? Thank goodness I wasn't bringing some weird medications or "ointments" or something like that.

I must have looked like such an idiot at the line though. It was the first or 2nd time traveling by plane with my laptop, and I forgot to take it out of the bag. In that jumble I also managed to put AWAY the boarding pass, which they want you to take through the machine as you walk without your shoes on! I swear they backed that conveyor belt up three times for me.

"uh, ma'am? do you have a computer in there? You need to take that out of your bag and place it in a bin. Ma'am, where is your boarding pass? Well, she'll need to see it as you walk through. And the clear baggy needs to be on top of your shoes. Jacket in the bin please".

hahahah...my bad.
Thank goodness I have such an "American" name---NOT. In MY country they would have had me strip searched in a private room as soon as I didn't take the computer out.


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