03 November, 2006

more reviews and last few days

So far:

"vocally agile and funny"
"impressively scaling the loftiest peaks of her register while strutting about like a wind-up toy."

and my personal favorite of today:

"... with singers like "coloratur...aaah" as the fetching automaton Olympia, the cast is deep with talent.

Tomorrow is closing night of the show. I'm excited, a bit sad of course, but also completely busy (yet still procrastinating) getting my life for the next 2 months ready. We are released from the program and encouraged to take auditions, etc. Well, this year I'm actually NOT doing 25 auditions, I'm just singing for a few summer programs. I'm also singing at my alma mater as a soprano soloist, and other than that- visiting teachers, coaches, friends, family, and the special someone all pretty much on the East Coast.

I have been deluding myself about how much actual music I have to learn over the break.
We're doing a world premiere opera here when we return, so I have to learn a few small parts plus the ensemble. I have GOT to prepare all of Lakme. I have the first act memorized very well. I have most of the ariettas and duets in Acts II and II memorized, but definitely not all of the French-y Recit-y parts in those acts. And I also have to work on Nozze for May.
And then of course at some point during the break we're being sent scenes and arias and songs for two to three concerts and master classes that we'll be having with "world premiere" composer when he's here for the opera.


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