15 November, 2006

overboard posting

I know I've been posting a lot . It's because I'm on "vaycay" and my only daily task is memorzing Lakme- THEN looking at new arias, roles for next year, upcoming concert works.

But I had to post this: I just typed out all of the libretto of Lakme's part- including repeated parts of duets and arias. It's 5 pages single spaced.

I cheated about 6 times by looking at the score- only for a FEW words in a FEW recits.



Nyasia said...

I am a poor writer and have been searching for the libretto of Lakme. I'm currently working on an alternate universe novel for Phantom of the Opera. I really need both the original French and an English translation. I saw your post and thought I would beg! Obviously, credit (and kudos!) will be given to Leo Delibes, Phillipe Gille, Edmond Gondinet and Pierre Loti. IF things work out with my publisher, I will (with your permission, of course) thank you for your contribution to the cause in the dedication.
Gee! Can you hear the desperation in the keystrokes or what?

me said...
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me said...

Hi- sorry I didn't see this earlier..not sure if you're still checking the comments. You can find the libretto and English of Lakme in Nico Castel's "French Opera Libretti" book, that is a large music reference in most bigger libraries. The original novel is called Le Marriage de Loti and I had to order it from amazon.