11 November, 2006

retort at WTOC and French work

Over at WTOC the male "crotch grabber" has emailed Ms. Witman with an explanation and character description similar to what I wrote below regarding what MAY have been my performance as the "female" of this hot topic.

Oooh, I'm debating emailing that entry to them after some editing for relevant content (obviously they don't need to hear about my current cold or vacation musings). Or maybe my blog is just sooo popular (note the abundant comments at the end of every entry) (note the sarcasm) that they'll read it and comment here.

Back to real work update:
I started on Lakme backwards. Why not? I know the first act. I know all of the ariettas. So today I memorized numbers 15-17 in the international score.
How? You ask?
Word was open. I typed what I knew in French. If I came to a word or phrase I didn't remember, I bolded it. Next time typing, I typed it twice.
I read it. I said it to myself in just words. Then in words and rhythm and then on the pitches- not full voice or anything, this wasn't singing practice, it was memorization role prep.

THEN as I said it I thought about the English meaning (not word for word translation) and added some inflection as to how I'd say it as a character.
THEN as I said it I thought of it as the French meaning (word for word in English) and tried to get that same English emotional inflection into the French interpretation.

At this rate (3-4 pages a day--not that I worked a day on it at ALL), I could get the 150 more that I have to learn finished by...uhh...
Hopefully when I need to know it in early March!



Kim said...

Happy to populate your 'comments' section. This is Kim Witman of Wolf Trap Opera, writing during a break in our Saturday auditions. Just wanted to assure you that you're not female singer in question! Everything your Cunegonde did made perfect (organic!) sense. Cheers!

me said...

Thanks for the comment- email coming your way! And now I really DO wonder what the female aria was!!!