08 November, 2006

the audition today

Last night in a fit of nervous good energy I posted a comment over at WTOC regarding pre-audition practices that I've been experiencing this time around in NYC:

A few thoughts to share from the other side of the table...actually, from the arch of the piano.
Pre-audition prep:
1. Get to NYC and into Manhattan on Marathon Day with no issues (check)

2. Get to NYC with all of the materials that you will need for the X number of auditions that you are doing this season- headshots, resumes, bios, replists (versions one, two and three depending on the day, the time, and probably what you ate last night for dinner in midtown where you met up with college friends) (check)

3. The night before: Water, water, some Emergen-C, cough drop for some dessert and to convince yourself that you're only coughing because the heat is on and not because you are getting a cold (check)

4. Look through aria binder to make sure no pages are missing, your markings are clear, no holes are punched through key changes, and your alternate cadenzas are legible. (check- even though you know you'll do this tomorrow too)

5. Can't fall asleep? Can't stay asleep? While I personally haven't tried any sleeping pills, waking up every hour from anticipation/nerves/new apartment acclimation/the sounds of NYC can be a sure way to not be in your best voice the next day. The remedy? Well, if you have one let me know! I'm lucky that I don't have to sing until well into the afternoon- so even if I don't get a good night's sleep, I can stay in bed all morning until I feel refreshed enough to start the day in great voice and energy.

Good luck to all, and I'll see you at the table tomorrow ....

Now that my audition is over, I'll add to the comments for "day of".
It was raining SOOOOO hard today in the city. I'm sure there are many flooded areas and feel for the commuters who were trying to get into the city for auditions.
I, luckily, in my apartment which is 7 blocks away from Lincoln Center, was high and dry--at least for the few minutes before I stepped onto the street. During the walk over to the audition my hair got ruined, my socks and stockings got drenched, and my aria binder got a bit misty.

But I got there early, and they were in the GOOD room! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! That room on the side makes us feel like we're singing into a pillow. The rooms on the inside are wonderful.

Specific notes:
The panel- all smiles! (and laptops of course)
The pieces: Durch Z and GLITTER! YEAH!! No one EVER asks for it! and I love it so!!! It's like, my musical theater dreams come true. I get to be a little of what I had hoped would be my career all through middle school and high school. Livin' the dream, yea!
How I did: I thought, pretty good. First time offering Durch Z first. Loved it. Worked the character. Took my time with a "Mozart" and I thought I was pretty artistic about it too.
Glitter- always a favorite, although tough without props, obviously. Still, I think I kept it exciting and funny- I hope!

---and with that, the end of the first NYC leg of the auditon season.
As I said before, I'm not audition for much this season- just 3 or 4 summer programs. So I'll be back after Thanksgiving.
Until then, learning music, learning roles, reconnecting with friends and teachers, and seeing special someone.


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