11 November, 2006

new reading materials

Whether it's amazon.com or Borders, I always walk in or log on with at least four books that I want to buy from friend suggestions, nytimes best sellers, indie authors. I put them all in my arms or checkout page, then realize how much this purchase will cost, and then put all of the books back. I just can't bring myself to spend the hundred dollars. But I also can't just buy one book, wanting the rest of the group.

Today at the local yet wonderful bookstore in the small town where my parents live I finally bought the first installment of books since I have so much time to read over these two months (of course, not to put off studying my Lakme score or any of the other scores I'm supposed to be learning).

The current list in no particular reading order:
Atlas Shrugged- Rand Enjoyed Anthem, why not pick up a book 10 times as long?
The God of Small Things- Roy A little Indian influence perhaps
The Tipping Point- Gladwell Friend's rec. regarding society and playing follow the leader
Shame- Rushdie One of my favorite authors, have 2 or 3 novels of his left to go
The Grapes of Wrath- Steinbeck Pre-show research, plus I never read it in school


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