28 November, 2006

nyc part deux

Sang for "arid-climate-kind-of-in-the-desert" YAP today. Durch and the 2nd half of Doll. They took a really long time to decide what the second piece would be. I mean, really- do you WANT to hear half of O luce- high notes, high notes and Italian, or half of the Doll- high notes, high notes, and French?

I sang both well, but as another poster, Saustal, on the nfcs forum put it this evening, I felt like I was low-character energy.

Could have been the 1.5 hr. ride to the train this morning, and then the 3 hr. train into the city- which began at 5:30am. And of course I couldn't fall asleep like a NORMAL person the night before the audition, so I had about 4 hrs. of sleep.

Could have just been an 'eh' kind of day. Vocally- I felt good again. Liederkranz which I have very much enjoyed in the past is turning into a weird room for me to sing in. I keep hearing the very top of the piano out of tune with the very bottom, and when you sing runs that go up to high Q's that's not the best thing- to be 2nd guessing yourself on the tuning of that run or turn.

I've pretty much decided on not taking any breaths before the first 2 coloratura runs in Durch, and then taking a dramatic breath/pause breath before the third run. I don't NEED it, but I think the high note sounds better if I get a catch breath before that last run.

Not sure how many singers hold the breath or breathe before each run, or none of the runs.
Would be interesting to know.

Tomorrow: Lesson with first/high school/most beloved voice teacher who started me on this whole journey into opera (when all I wanted to do was be Christine from Phantom) and continues to help me become the performer I want to be and the vocalist I know that I can be.


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