01 December, 2006

Comment responses

I just looked for the first time through some old posts and found comments on them, and since they have already been placed on the next 'scrollable' page, I'll answer a few here:

You can find the English and French opera libretto of Lakme at most larger libraries in a book by Nico Castel called "French Opera Libretti". The original book is called Le Marriage de Loti and I ordered it (in French) online, but there were also English versions on Amazon I believe.

If it's the Bubs then yes, they are terrific, fun guys and when we performed with them on-campus it was always a hoot!
Glad there are still fellow a capella junkies out there who are not STILL in college :)

We now return to our previously scheduled posting:

In about six hours I'll be singing my callback for "red-state-opera", and in about six hours and forty five minutes I will HOPEFULLY be on a train to Albany, to be followed by a 1.5 hour drive home to New-England-State-of-Parental-Residence and then doing laundry, repacking, and leaving for Boston the next day.

Things that are coming up:

A Poulenc Gloria performance at my undergrad.
I've never sung it before, and it's quite beautiful.
One, final, audition in NYC (in the middle of the week in Boston) for, hmm, how shall I hyphenate this one--- "midwest-not-chicago-near-potatoland-opera" for the summer. This one I'm pretty much applying to because of one show and one role that would be fun to learn and cover.

After next weekend and the concert it's pretty much smooth sailing (literally) from there- my family (extended, with cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc) is taking a cruise to the Caribbean for Christmas week, courtesy of my grandparents, who want the family to stick together and make sure that we meet at least once a year since all of our careers and lives are so busy that it's hard to find a time to get together normally.

In the week before it I'll be debating whether to
a. take my Lakme score (obviously a yes)
b. take my laptop (oh how I HOPE there is wireless on the boat--is that even possible???)
c. take one or two other scores that I NEED/was supposed to be looking at and memorizing over this break, which have really not received the attention they should have.

I'm staying in bed for a bit more to read the Times and relax, then I'll head down to City Opera to say hello to the boys from "current-Yap" who are holding auditions there this week and next, maybe take that opportunity to use a free warm-up room down there, head back here, pack up my life and clothes and NEW BOOTS into my tiny suitcase, head to a lesson with a teacher from the program I was accepted into last year, but a few weeks too late as I had already signed my current contract...

(it could be a bit strange because I think they still want me(?) this year, but I have not sent in a new application because I do want to continue at "current-Yap" next year, but I don't want to lose the contact of this teacher/director of that program, which IS a good program I think- but it's school...which after being where I am now, I don't think is the best option for me on paper- in terms of getting mainstage with "current-Yap" versus mainstage with "prestigious-school-artist-diploma"program...ALTHOUGH the coaching and teaching is superb and the school would be free AND in an area and coast that I want to be on..)

That may have been the longest statement I've ever written parenthetically.


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