21 November, 2006

a nice reception at the waaaaaldorf with chaaaampagne and caaaviar

Just found out couple number 3 will be getting married as well this summer. So far: Best friend from college, very good friend from college, and very good post-college friend will all be getting married (BEFORE ME!).

Yea, yea, I'm happy for them. They also have the kind of lives where they can make "sacrifices" for the other party involved. Like- moving where their husbands-to-be work or study, and still being able to find work in that area. Not so for the life of a regional, national, international, or otherwise traveling opera singer who wants to marry a to-be-doctor/researcher who will most likely work in one of three big East Coast cities and their famous research medical centers and hospitals.

Also, I know that the diamond industry is mostly fueled by American consumerism and materialism, but LORDY if those rings didn't sparkle in the pics! I like sparkly things. They're pretty.

And will I be able to attend? Most likely NOT- if I get into Previous Summer YAP or New Summer YAP.
That's a little sad. And it has so far prompted me to do preliminary research in language immersion programs for this summer.

Would it be giving up another summer of contacts? Or something that my resume would really need? I'm not sure--depends on what I hear from the few auditions I have left.
But missing the most important day in three friends' lives in terms of their relationships and future- that's a tough one--and I've already missed three important weddings last year too..in the summer of course.


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