14 November, 2006

Acts I and III...and fellow singer news!

....are memorized!

Frankly, I'm a bit surprised at the pace that I'm getting things done. I mean, I'm obviously not working on this more than just a few hours a day, whether it's reciting words in my head, listening to my ipod, or looking at the score and flipping through sections to test my memory.

Today I worked from 10:30-1, and was able to get through III about three times, and then go back and recite I.
Yes, there are still places I'm remembering "small" words incorrectly--- like ou/on, qui/qu'a, sous/sur..and yes, that obviously makes a huge difference. But in recits that fast, my focus is getting the whole sentence out without tripping up, and then realize what grammar and vocab. mistake I've made, and making a mental note to go back and fix it the next time--and it's working!

Fast parts for practice:
allors, Hadji, dans l'ombre se glissant, t'a transporte SUR le toit de verdure. j'ai ramenais LA vie dans TON front pallissant, les filles de ma caste apprennent en naissance comme le suc des fleurs guerit une blessure.

quand tu parlais,ton ame SUR tes levres se posait, ton regard n'est pas LA flamme que m'embrasait, sur ton visage un nouage passait et la glace.

Ok, that was pretty decent. I only went back and corrected one thing in the last sentence and I typed it as fast as I have to sing it :)

I'll review again tonight, but I'm really excited because Act II is the one with the aria that I already know, and that plus one little duet and two pages of recit is all I have left!

OOHHHH and I forgot- a fellow singer from "currentyap" is a Sullivan Winner! One of the Big ones!!! Yea!!! She totally deserves it, as she sounds gorgeoise (yes, pronounced like you think), and she may be getting a reaaalllly realllly great manager in the near future, and she also advanced in MONCA!
And ANOTHER fellow singer from "summeryap" just got AWESOME management AND won some competition in NY! She's also way fantabular.

Me likey- watching singers who are about 4 or 5 years ahead of me age-wise and visibility-wise (that word doesn't make sense, but I mean, they've had certain opportunities to present themselves to management and do certain audition/competition circuits for a number of years that I'm just in my 2nd or 1st year doing)- actually getting to that next step of management, and the booked life of a regional/national singer.

It just makes me more excited about my career path plan(s) after the next year at "currentyap" and perhaps another one too depending on the season!



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