25 March, 2009

suitcase update

I now have ONE suitcase of winter.
ONE suitcase of summer.

One closet half filled with dresses (summer/winter/fancy/semi-formal), half filled with jackets/coats.

One checked-sized suitcase that is packed for a gig (meaning, half winter, half summer, some pairs of shoes), and one carry-on sized suitcase that is half empty but will be packed with the rest of the things I need for a gig.

Oh, and in the basement--5 huge bags of shoes. Cowboy boots (green, white), Winter boots (white, black, brown, snow, gray, rain), heels (too many to count--shiny, patent, etc.), SNEAKERS (well, cute sneakers, not workout sneakers! (too many to count also, but I love them ALL sooo much)
Some flats---but none compare to my NEW silver awesome ones....and that is all.

WHEN I will actually have a CLOSET to put all of these amazing shoes in and actually wear them and alternate them with the outfits that they belong to...I don't know...but I'm keeping them as long as they still fit my feet!

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