12 March, 2009

2nd class

Today is my first train trip that required a reservation that I couldn’t book for first class. I’ve been traveling in style with my Eurail pass, being offered chocolates, newspapers, anything from the food car, my own personal waiters, space, empty chairs all around for the first 11 trips of the 15 on my Eurail pass. Not so today. I’m traveling to Paris and there were no first class reservations for seats available (although that is partly my fault because I didn’t make the reservation early…I just waltzed up to the train station yesterday evening, less than 24 hours before my train, and hoped for the best.

Well, that didn’t happen, and so I am now sitting with all of the ‘rest’ of society, in a cramped, totally full, 2nd class car.

It smells a bit of smoke, the chairs have seen better days. Legroom? What’s that? And I’m sure that no one in a freshly pressed uniform is about to offer me a dark chocolate treat. Ah well, the train ride is only 4 hours long and then I’ll be in Paris!

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