04 March, 2009


It's SO nice to be back in a city that I know well!
I spent the summer here two years ago studying German and going to the opera...a lot...and as soon as I stepped off of the train I felt at home.

I had an audition this morning specifically for QOTN.
More specifically, the house was hearing 13 singers for that role.
One after the other.

I'm sure they NEVER want to hear that piece again in a loooong time.

So- of COURSE, I was first to show up and fill out my papers at the KBB, and my audition was scheduled LAST on the list. (Singing began at 11am---rehearsal with the pianist began 9:45am).

a. that is really mean to do to MOST sopranos. (I don't really care, but there were some that looked like waking up that early and warming up to an F wasn't really their cup o' tea.

b. Since I was last I felt obligated to let every girl that knocked on the one out of two warm up rooms to warm up before me..since I had so much time.
c. I let SO many girls in front of me that I didn't get to rehearse with the pianist (although that's not something I care about for these Queen arias).

So. The audition.
Get there at 11, make SURE that I'm last. Go to the Kanteen (this is the cafeteria that every opera house has INSIDE--how cool?! that you can get your breakfast lunch dinner or coffee at any time in between rehearsals instead of braving whatever weather is outside).

Sit around. Eat a croissant. Find a now-empty practice room and sing through Queen2 (which I what I wanted to start with).
Go back downstairs. They are only on number 7.
Hear some not-so-high-F's, here some not-so-clean runs.
Figure out that they are MAKING everyone start with the first aria, and only if they like you, you get to go outside while another singer comes in, take a break, and then you are asked for the 2nd aria.

BOO- because I wanted to show the 5 F's right off the bat.

So far- 2 girls have been asked to come back for a 2nd.
Wait some more.
Put on my heels (yes, I was wandering around in my audition outfit and my fake Uggs (FUGGS)).

Wait some more.

FINALLY- go out, introduce myself and say something about being the last but not least--that got a chuckle. sweeeeet.

First aria. O Zittre Nicht- I decided that I was going to distinguish myself, if not by accurate voice alone, then by a helluvan acted performance.
So right away I'm into it, moving around (with PURPOSE), and being 'dramatic'.
As soon as I was finished--YAYYYYY! They ask for a 2nd piece! (Der Holle rache).
Now, all of the other girls have gotten to WAIT for 5 minutes before attempting the 2nd piece.
I have to sing it right there.

Whatevs. Same thing to me.
So I start. This piece is easier than the first one anyway.
Knock out the high notes, knock out the low notes, have fun, be musical, have line, have purpose...and just like that it was over.

The agent that sent me on the audition was there and got almost immediate feedback (within the hour)....which was:
They like me, like my voice, like all the rep. listed on my resume, BUT they are going to go with the QOTN who looked amazonian, sounded dramatic, AND knocked out all the high notes.
Now, I did hear her, and she was awesome.
So no hard feelings.
I am usually disappointed by 'dramatic' voices in Queen because frankly, they are not accurate MUCH of the time...(at least when I've heard them)....
But this girl rocked it.

So- she was older, she was already an established Fest singer at another big house, she LOOKED the part (amazonian) and it's ok if I 'lose' to her. She was damn good.
And so was I. In a different way!
We are alllll special.

Rainbows and bubbles for everyone.

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