22 March, 2009

Dublin Airport

I’m about 1/5th of the way home.
Woke up this morning at 6:20am, took a one hour train to Dusseldorf airport, checked in at 8:30 for my 10:30 flight (really, I promise I thought that this would take longer).
They made me check my carry-on because it weighed 17 Kilos. And I overstuffed too blatantly this time for it to pass first ticket agent inspection. So, sadly, I will have to wait for it at JFK.
I made two beginner traveler mistakes this morning---I’m blaming it on lack of sleep (I went to a German disco last night until 3am). Since I just bought some sort of medicinal “elixir” called something like Bronchilitis Elixir…made of plants and roots and other extracts (I couldn’t find any normal robitussin or anything with Guiafenasine), I need a lot of water to take it with because it tastes horrible.
So I bought a huge bottle of Vittel water for the plane. The big one. BEFORE security check.
I couldn’t chug it all right there so I tried to go for the “I’m really sick and I need this water to take with my medication”. The germans were having none of that. They asked me if I had a doctor’s note saying I needed to take THIS specific water with me.
Umm, not so much.
So I had to throw that 2 Euros away, and then buy a dinky overpriced waterbottle after I got through security, when prices increase twofold just because you are penned inside and waiting for your flight.

My flight to Dublin was uneventful except for the 60 teenagers sitting in the 10 rows in front of me all wearing a sweatshirt with a Shamrock on it that said Dublin ’09 (I’m guessing teen tour or class trip). I arrived in Dublin..and I walked through customs to the transfer passage—where, to my annoyance, I had to go through security—AGAIN—with my NEW bottle of water (albeit smaller, but still cost 1.80 Euro!) which I had taken MAYBE two sips of on the plane. This time I decided to just chug it.

I was then entranced by the myriad of duty free options that were available to me. I always am. But I never buy anything. I can’t justify some amazing smelling Origins body scrub for 34 Euros when I’ll probably go to CVS next week and get something decently smelling for 7.99.

Next up- a three hour wait in the airport and my flight back to JFK.
I have no idea what to expect for Aer Lingus (except a funny name)…do I get movies? Do I have to pay for food? Will it be sold out?
At least this time I have an aisle seat (unlike on the flight from NYC to Berlin), so I can drink as MUCH water as I please and not disturb anyone by crawling over 2 people to get out of the row!

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