05 March, 2009


Ok, I just read THIS blog post, and now I'm really wishing that I was in a music-learning frenzy too.

Buuut instead I'm here with my one carry on bag, my one upcoming-score, and a bunch of itunes.
And online scores (which are really hard to look at and actually learn from).

I'm not starting to feel the pressure, but I'm just starting to think--if I WAS in NYC right now, would I be doing the same?

Nothing but working on music?
Or would I still find a way to not pay attention to upcoming 1,2, and 3, and revisit 1 and new-next-year?

Ok, to give myself some credit,
I'm pretty sure upcoming1 will be just fine.
It's in English (ok, I still have some text to memorize..and some finales...oh finales....bane of my existence), and I 'know' it.

Upcoming 2 I've done before (that doesn't mean it's still in my head--but in THEORY it COULD still be in my head).
Upcoming 3 is mostly being the seconda donna and singing above the chorus a lot..so--no need to worry.

Ok! I feel better!

Sometimes I really AM in music-learning mode and I love it (mostly, when I learn stuff that I don't need to know until 2010 instead of stuff that I need to know next week). But I think I need my own kitchen table, and not a German train tray-table.

Off to a rainy Munich day and a night at the opera to see a friend perform.

But just to make it clear, after reading that post, I did just put on my itunes and pull out upcoming-score--just to make sure!

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