07 March, 2009

munich and music part II

I think that I learned something new about how I learn things today.

I was looking at my upcoming-score and trying to memorize the three or four lines of actual dialogue that I have.

I knew what I was supposed to be saying and what it was about.

However, I couldn't really get it out in the right words, nor did it interest me to try to break it down and learn it word by word.

I needed to hear it in the cadence of a sentence and then see if I could repeat it based on the 'feeling' of the cadence and the aural sensation of what the sentence should be.

Nothing to do with what the actual words were.

For example, I knew I needed to say something to the effect of--

Oh frederick, you're so smart can't you help save my daddy from being all sad and stuff?

And the actual line was something like:
... cannot you in your calm excellent wisdom find it in your conscience to say something that will relieve my father's sorrow.

Ok, that was the line.

But this is how I learned it:

Double Negative, Alphabetical order, backwards alphabetical order, SS, help my dad.

Which means:
Cannot you (double negative), C, E, W (calm, excellent wisdom--alphabetical order), F,C (find, conscience --backwards alphabetical order), Say something (SS), that will relieve my father's sorrow.

That is weird.
Why couldn't I just memorize the line like I'm supposed to? I don't really know.
Why can't I THINK about what the line is? It actually does, KIND OF make sense...in RP English...
but no, I have to come up with some weird thing, that even though it's for one line and I don't need mnemonic devices to remember it, ....I somehow come up with a device that's EVEN longer than the ACTUAL line to memorize it.

And that is reflective of how I sometimes approach memorization--well, I always like things to be orderly and either alphabetical or backwards-alphabetical.

But in addition, I could sing entire operas based on the words that IIII think should be in there.
ie, I know what is supposed to come across on what notes, I know the beginning words, the ending words, and most of the 'big' words...but I fit in little words as I please..and yes, sometimes I make up NEW words (that still rhyme and that still make sense with what's going on!)

Ah well. It's a fun exercise and I suppose whatever method gets the correct words in my head at the end will be just fine.

My last day in Munich is tomorrow.
This week is going to be the craziest of travel weeks yet- but I'm prepared and totally ready for it!
I had a weekend to relax, see an opera with weird/amazing German staging, do laundry, figure out my train schedules and BACKUP train schedules (in case any audition runs late and I can't get to my next destination in time), and I'm excited for these last TWO weeks of being here.

Audition every day except for Thursday of this week.
In three different countries.


Bring it!

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