02 March, 2009


Well, my luck with trains seems to have run out, as the last train from Amsterdam to Munich this evening (at 8:30) was completely sold out.
It was an overnight train, and you have to reserve a couchette--there are no seats.
All of the beds were taken--6 person, 4 person, first class...nada.

Even though I was at the station 2 hours early to actually make the reservation!

No matter, because I have a whole extra day to get to Munich before I have to sing on Wednesday, but it would have been nice to sleep on an overnight train instead of waste 8 hours during the day on a train tomorrow.

I am staying at a different hotel tonight--both of the ones I have found were 30 Euros each which is a pretty amazing price for a single, non-shared room.

Tonight's was even last-minute--I walked out of the train station after trying to jump on it semi-illegally ...well, I kept asking all of the conductors...are you SURE there is no room on the train...are there any cancellations? etc...
But no. The answer was no room. No reservation. No get on train-y.

So I left the station with my luggage (which, after an entire day of carting it around since I THOUGHT I was leaving...was getting heavy by this point), went to a 'hotel reservation' center than I saw on the main street, asked them what they had available, and 5 minutes later I was booked in the Princess Hotel--about 7 stops away via tram number 1 from the main train station (which I shall return to early tomorrow before my 10:20 train).

I now get to spend another night here, catching up on emails, seeing what the week has planned for me.

I have this Thursday and Friday free again...which annoys me...because it seems like every house only has auditions on Tuesdays or Wednesdays....and so basically I can have a long weekend every weekend..BUT I want to be singing! Of COURSE I will visit the beergarten in Munich on Thursday and Friday IF I don't have anything else..buuut...I'd rather be busy with my job.

Speaking of which, in 2 days I will have exactly 30 days until I leave for next-opera.
I THINK I know it!! :) :)
I haven't done the 'test myself with a speed-through' yet, but I will have plenty of train rides and plane rides coming up to do so.

I'm SO happy that I DID NOT bring the scores to future 2 operas with me here. My suitcase is filled enough, and lord knows I don't need any more heavy books to drag around with me.
One flimsy little upcoming-score is enough.

I'm off. Hoping for better "bahn" luck in the coming weeks.

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