27 March, 2009

a ny state of mind

Well, I'm back in NYC for about 3 days.
Voice lesson, seeing friends, photocopying music from NYPAL, going to a classical music concert, seeing more friends, hanging out, and LUCKY me, the weather is BEAUTIFUL today!

I'll spend the weekend here, then mosey on back upstate to do some final packing and choosing of clothing (if the weather in the past 2 days has been any indicator of what is to come, I'll have to take everything from winter to summer clothes with me), and then return for one more day to the city before I leave for next-gig.

Whenever I"m here I want to stay here. I want to go on craigslist and immediately search for a condo or co-op to buy now that the market is still in the dumps and will be for 2 years. It's just that final thought of--will I REALLY live here? Or will I mostly just have to find a subletter for my place?

Of course I want "MY" place..but truthfully, I was in NYC from Sept-December. And Since January I've been here a total of 4 days.
And after this weekend and my flight departure next week, I most likely won't be here until September again.

Sooo--for living somewhere for 3 or 4 months--is it worth it to have a place that I call HOME?
I want to say YES...but I can convince myself either way..into and out of it.
There are so many 'what-ifs' that would be amazing IF they happened (that is why they are 'what-ifs') that COULD possibly take me out of NYC for a long time...or at least, take the possibility of actually having a PLACE in NYC off of the table.

So, for now, I'm content with crashing with friends..airmattresses, couches, same beds (with best friends only!), and I suppose one day when I'm a 'real' person I can decide on the city that I'd like to live in.

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