20 March, 2009

Last everything

Last day, last audition, last time I'll have to roll my suitcase around (well, until next week's airplane ride to next-opera), last time I'll have to put on this audition outfit in Germany and hope that my one pair of stockings doesn't run LOWER down my thigh to actually peek out from under the dress (I've been keeping that run at bay for the last 4 auditions now).

Tomorrow I get on a plane in Dusseldorf, and after a quick change-over in Dublin (yea, Aer Lingus and your cheap flights!), I'll be back in good ole' NYC. For one night.

Then it's:
Dentist (overdue for a cleaning and making sure that I don't have cavities), chiropractor (he's not going to be happy with the fact that I've had a one shoulder bag for 6 weeks and have been carrying my laptop, audition binder, and various other very heavy items that have made my back and next feel like I'm about 30 years older than I actually am), taxes (not much to say about that except...taxes).

In that order.

And then- some repacking and off to the next adventure.

I will write a run-down of expenses and thoughts later on, but for right now I'll say that this trip has been 'educational' and very well worth it.

I understand how it all works now. And I want to come back and do it again!

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