17 March, 2009

fast trains

If I could choose any train to live on it would be the TGV.
Minus the ears popping because of the sudden tunnels at warp speed.
The seats are as comfy as a well-used and much loved favorite couch.
The train I’m currently sitting on was most definitely made in the 90s, as its color scheme is fuscia, gray, and the occasional neon green chair.
I bet they thought it was so modern when the design was approved. Now it looks like a Millennium party decoration gone wrong.

I’m not feeling 100% better yet, but I’m hoping that the change in air and this gorgeous weather will inspire my nose to stop running and that strange bronchial cough to shut up long enough so that I can sing my audition tomorrow morning.

I can already feel that IF I really needed to (like, if I had a performance tonight), then I would be able to do it just fine. I would have to warm up a little, I would still feel a bit blocked/stuffy, but the sound would be there. It’s not like the voice is gone.
So hopefully that will continue until tomorrow when it will even be closer to perfect.

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