12 June, 2007

yes pareeee holds the key, to...her...


What non-disney animated movie am I from?
If you guessed Anastasia you're correct! Oh Dmitri, you were such a hot cartoon character.

So yes, it's almost 99% sure that special someone and I will be able to spend a whole lovely weekend in Paris while I'm abroad. He'll come visit his family (here--- go figure we couldn't make this overlap) first, and then on the way back to the US, he'll fly through Paris, which I will also fly to, and it will just be one big magical rage for 2 days and 2 nights in the city of lights!!!

Haven't been there in such a long time! Can't wait. And we may even have a free place to stay-bonus!

Not even going to TOUCH the possibility of doing auditions there with a ten foot pole!

Chocolate Croissants, walks in the gardens, and the Marais, here we come :)

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