20 June, 2007

it's the most wonderful time...of the..

No, It's not Christmas, the holiday that I've already celebrated three weeks before and gotten eight cheesy presents including probably socks and an opera DVD that is fach-inappropriate my from my parents.

It's googlemap time!

I received the address of where I"ll be staying in Germany and I immediately checked out the neighborhood. I'm really excited because it looks like a WALK (not an S or U bahn ride) away from where my classes will be, and it's next door to the Musikhochschule (sweeeeet- hope I can practice for free there, or even find a coach to sing with a bit), a 10 min. walk from the main train station (for all of my get-out-of-town-and-go-exploring needs), and also about a 10 minute walk from the Opera House at which I hope to attend as many performances as I can of the summer opera festival.

So while I'm having a grand old time on my post-hometown-vaycay-vaycay in Verona and Venice next week, there shall be little blogging due to the fact that I shall not bring my computer with me. (probably). Yes, it's time. I can do it. One week with no lappylaptop, and here's hoping that our B&B's and hotels have internet access so I can at least check my email every few days!!

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