21 June, 2007

ok, bye for realz...

no, no, don't be alarmed... I'm not leaving 4evah, just leaving vaycay-locale number 1 tonight at 2am, and thought I'd say a parting adieu

-to my uncle's computer from which I've been blogging and checking my email for the past 3 weeks (well, that is when he's not checking his stocks for hours until 11pm our time here every night),
-to the stray kittens (3) that were born in the backyard and now finally believe that we are not out to trample over them, but instead give them milk and cheese and leftover chicken,
-to the days at the beach trying to just get a tan on my legs and ending up with many more freckles on my face and shoulders than planned,
-to the afternoon naps when I tried to not fall asleep while learning the next opera I am supposed to memorize (and then fell asleep until 4:30),
-to visiting family that I only get to see once a year if I'm lucky
-to wandering around cities that were built hundreds of years ago and that have more than a thousand years of history and conquest within their walls,
-to the modern and technologically advanced cellphones that never stop ringing in public no matter where you are,
-to the foods that I'll love to miss all next year until the next time,
-to a well-deserved vacation after a hard year of work, but also the beginning of a month that's more my style:

Crazy. Busy. Fast. Packed. School. Auditions. Museums. Opera. Day trips. Paris. Art. Cafes. Jet-setting. The life.

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