05 June, 2007

more competition stuff

It's 11:15 pm and I'm at my friend's apartment in the city and she only has 28 minutes of juice left on her macbook. What to do, what to do-- already checked my email, so now it's time for yet another update--that comes from emails I've received throughout the day.

I was notified today that through house-audition last week I got past the qualifying round for a kinda-major international competition.

Great. So the comp. that wants me is the one that I have a huge conflict with. And by huge, I mean, the registration day is in another country altogether, and it's the same date as my placement test in Germany.

And by huge, I mean that the whole first week of the competition is described as: day of registration, day of coaching, day 1 of singing (by lottery), day 2 of singing (by same lottery), and then you see if you're in the semi-finals.
And those first 5 days I'll be doing NOTHING if I go to the competition besides singing with a pianist for 10 minutes on Tuesday, and singing for 15 minutes on EITHER wednesday or thursday depending on the lottery, but I'll definitely be missing German class day 1,2,3 and if I get into the semis- 4...5,6,..whatever..
The semi's I'd miss it for.
But the prelims?

Iiii'm just not quite sure yet.

I've just written them (the competition) a LOVELY polite email VERY politely asking if there is ANY leeway in the arrival date and describing my sad sad story of being between a rock and a hard place with the German studies and with their obviously cooler/more important competition.

So it's a waiting game now--but even if they say no, I'm SO tempted to do it anyway. But I don't want to be kicked out of the German program because I'll be missing the first TWENTY hours of instruction! That doesn't sound good.
I mean, I have no problem with being a bit of a delinquent, but, I just don't think there's any way that THEY would agree to have me just leave--and expect me to catch up when I returned...

We'll see.

21 minutes remaining until mr.macbook bites the dust for the night. Too bad the charger is in my friend's room and she's sleeping already b/c she has to work tomorrow!

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